Tuesday, May 01, 2001

Well everything went good on Saturday at games day. Kindra got her face painted and we had popsicles. We did the thing where you spin on a bat blindolded and then try to walk straight to the other person......it makes you soooo dizzy. I almost fell over. On Sunday, we met up with four others and instead of going laser tagging, we got some pizza and took it to the Union. After we ate we went bowling at the Union. Kindra bowled a 101......the same score I got! Both days were a lot of fun.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

I just met my little sister, Kindra, on April 12th. I decided to be a big sister for the experience, to be a role model for a child, and to gain a friend. So far everything is going great. She is 9 years old and is very energetic and outgoing. We get along great. The first day we met we went to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream and then walked around Kirkwood. Then last week I took her to one of the dorm food places for dinner. She is a big salad eater.....and it was good because Wright (dorm place) has a big salad bar! Then we went to the School of Education here at IU. I showed her around the school and then I took her home. This weekend we have two things planned. On Saturday we are going to the games day event at Llambda Chi and then on Sunday we are going to go do laser tag. That should be fun.....we are going with four others. Neither one of us have ever done that before....so it will be something we can experience for the first time together.